RKT SplitMerge

RKT SplitMerge 1

Split and Merge your files

Split and Merge your files

An easy to use program that is able to provide you with the necessary tools for splitting and combining files with a couple of clicks

RKT SplitMerge is a simple software solution that will make it possible for you to split any file in as many fragments as you want, by size or number of resulting output files.

With RKT SplitMerge you can join the fragments as well by simply selecting the first item of the series. The application also has a built-in checksum verification tool you can use to view the MD5 and CRC32 hash of a file.

File splitting will be done in two ways:

- Size mode

- File count mode

Compatible with: Windows XP Or later Version

RKT SplitMerge


RKT SplitMerge 1

User reviews about RKT SplitMerge

  • RKT CO

    by RKT CO

    "Simple, easy to use, user friendly"

    It's good looking and simple to use software. compatible with all new windows OS..   More.

  • a.n.p

    by a.n.p

    "useful,excellent interface and compatible with windows7"

    RKT splitmerge was a useful windows application with excellent interface and completely compatible with windows7.   More.